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G-20 Digital economy & sustainable Development

Strategic management concerns the long-term decisions aimed at improving the competitive position of a company. There is a limit to achieving competitiveness from the existing product mix, because products and business models become obsolete, and managers need to seek new business opportunities to maintain competitiveness. Corporate entrepreneurship is the process of creating new businesses from within an existing business through product and process innovations. In today's competitive environment, corporate entrepreneurship is a vital strategic management concept for all businesses regardless of size and stage of development.

About Conference

07-08 August 2023


Timing: 09:00-05:00 PM

Engineering/Science/Management/Hotel Management & Tourism/Pharmacy

Entrepreneurship & growth

  • Corporate and Strategic Entrepreneurship

  • Spin-off processes and knowledge transfer

  • Entrepreneurial finance and venture capital

  • Innovation and technological entrepreneurship

  • Entrepreneurship and regional development

  • Entrepreneurship and governmental support

  • Social and community entrepreneurship

  • Entrepreneurial culture

  • Entrepreneurship and gender

  • Studies of new businesses

  • Entrepreneurship and ethnic minorities

  • International entrepreneurship

Innovation and Digital Transformation in Marketing:

  • Consumer Behavior

  • Product & Brand Marketing

  • Green Marketing

  • Digital Marketing

  • Intelligent Marketing

  • Services Marketing

  • Marketing During the Crisis

  • Market Resilience

  • Influential & Affiliated Marketing

Innovation and Digital Transformation in Healthcare and Hospitality

  • Smartphones & wearables

  • At Home Diagnostics

  • AI

  • Robotics

  • Digital Therapeutics

  • Connected Community

  • Smart Drug Delivery

  • Tourism modeling and forecasting

Track I

Track II

Track III

Track V: Pharmaceutical Sciences

Clinical Pharmacology/Urticaria, psoriasis/Vitiligo

Drug discovery and development interface /Quality control, GMP,

Pharmaceutical Technology, control release, and drug targeting

Dosage form design /Biopharmaceutical, Pre-formulations

Track IV: Tourism & Hospitality

  • Domestic Tourism /Diverse Social and cultural backgrounds

  • Political and social aspects of Tourism /Cultural and moral aspects

  • Development and trends /Regional development

  • Sustainable development /Tourism Modelling and forecasting

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Augmented Reality (AR),

Track IV

  • Marketing / Finance / HR / IB / Economics / Entrepreneurship/

  • International Trade/Agricultural Economics/ Agriculture & Food

  • Sciences/ Sustainable Development

Selected papers will be published in the Scopus/WOS/ UGC Care list on the terms and conditions of the respective journal. Rest in KC Journal ISSN No 2340-2023 Peer Reviewed.

The select papers after rounds of review will be published in any one of the following

Journals Academy of Marketing Studies Journal -ABDC listed

Journal of Law and Sustainable Development

Journal of Information and Optimization Sciences (JIOS) WOS, ABDC,ESCI A few more Scopus-indexed journals are on the waiting list and will be updated once confirmed. Please note there might be additional fees charged as publication process fees.


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Full paper Submission:          30 July 2023

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