International Seminar on Entrepreneurship : SME

09-10 Sep 2023

International Conferences

International Conference on Digital Entrepreneurship Tecnia Institutes of Advanced Studies New Delhi : 29 Feb 2019

1st International Conference on Impact of Covid-19 FDI : 10 May 2020

3rd International Conference on Out Box Approaches in Engineering & Management: Post Covid

CT University Ludhiana India : 08 Nov 2020

4th International Conference on Women Empowerment in the World Tradepreneur Global Academic Platform Southampton : 26-27 Dec 2020

5th International Conference on Emerging New World APG Shimla University : 26-28 July 2021

6th International Conference on Technology Changing Future Sakarya University of Applied Sciences Turkey 06-08 Jan 2022

8th International Conference on Paradigm Shift Transformation: 4.0

Warsaw University of Life Sciences Warsaw Poland &

KC Group of Institutions Nawanshahr India : 06-08 Jan 2023

9th International Conference on Innovation & Digitalization GIBS Business School Bangalore India

KC Group of Institutions Nawanshahr India: 11-12 Aug 2023

7th International Conference on Embracing Transformation: Innovation Creation Kodolayani Jonas University BudapestHungary 26-28 May 2022

2nd International Conference on Business Opportunity Due to Covid-19

Tecnia Institutes of Advanced Studies

: 07 June 2020

International Seminar

International Seminar on Artificial Intelligence : Digital World 21 Nov 2021

International Seminar on entrepreneur & Innovation 20 March 2022

International Seminar on Emerging Marketing Trend 21 March 2019

International Seminar on Brand Management 27 Oct 2022

International Conclave

International Conclave on Intellectual Property Rights 05 Jan 2023

International Conclave on G-20 Digital Economy & Sustainable Development 07-08, August 2023