International Conference

24-25 Feb 2024

International Conferences

International Conference on Digital Entrepreneurship Tecnia Institutes of Advances Studies 29 Feb 2019

1st International Conference on Impact of Covid-19 FDI 10 May 2020

3rd International Conference on Out Box Approaches in Engg & MGT: Post Covid CTU India 08 Nov 2020

4th International Conference on Women Empowerment in the World 26-27 Dec 2020

5th International Conference on Emerging New World APG Shimla University 26-28 July 2021

6th International Conference on Technology Changing Future Sakarya University of Applied Sciences Turkey 06-08 Jan 2022

8th International Conference on Paradigm Shift Transformation: 4.0

Warsaw University of Life Sciences Warsaw Poland & KC Group of Institutions Nawanshahr India 06-08 Jan 2023

9th International Conference on Innovation & Digitalization GIBS Business School Bangalore India

KC Group of Institutions Nawanshahr India: 11-12 Aug 2023

7th International Conference on Embracing Transformation: Innovation Creation Kodolayani Jonas University Budapest Hungary 26-28 May 2022

2nd International Conference on Business Opportunities Due to Covid-19 TIAS New Delhi 07 June 2020

10th International Conference on Future and Technology with Sustainable Development

KNEU: Kyiv National University Ukraine 24-25 Feb 2024

International Seminar

International Seminar on Artificial Intelligence : Digital World 21 Nov 2021

International Seminar on entrepreneur & Innovation 20 March 2022

International Seminar on Emerging Marketing Trend 21 March 2019

International Seminar on Brand Management 27 Oct 2022

International Seminar on G-20 Digital economy & sustainable Development 07-08 Aug 2023

International Conclave

International Conclave on Intellectual Property Rights 05 Jan 2023

International Conclave on G-20 Digital Economy & Sustainable Development 07-08, August 2023