Sustainable Development : CSR

Introduction to CSR and Sustainability: Explore the fundamentals and global challenges

* CSR Strategy and Leadership: Learn about strategy development and change management

* Environmental Sustainability: Delve into management, compliance, and renewable energy

* Sustainable Business Models and Innovation: Understand how to create shared value and drive sustainable innovation

* Sustainable Supply Chain Management: Study the principles of sustainable sourcing and the circular economy

* CSR in Emerging Markets: Examine trends and ethical dilemmas

* CSR Measurement and Evaluation: Focus on KPIs, auditing, and reporting

* Capstone Project and Executive Leadership: Engage in a project to hone your leadership skills

Hospitality and Tourism Management


  • Tourism Management: An Overview Standard

  • Form and Types of Tourism, Hotel, Motel, Market Orientation, Sales and Level of Services and Management Process

  • Standard

  • TQM, Teamwork, Customer Services, and Managing Tourism

  • Standard

  • Managing finance and decision-making.

  • Digital Hotel Technology

  • Promoting Safety

  • Highlight Flexible Cancellations

  • Consumer behaviour

Export -Import Management : Documentation and Export Shipping

  • Introduction: International Trade

  • Export Business Plan

  • How to sell products overseas

  • How to Prepare your Products for Export

  • Method of Exporting

  • Methods of Payment in Export

  • FREIGHT FORWARDERS (Export Documents)

  • Export Process: PACKING

  • International Shipping Documents: LABELING

  • Export-Import shipping

  • Export-Import Insurance

Entrepreneurship and New Venture creation

  • An Introduction to Entrepreneurship

  • Psychological Aspects of Entrepreneurship

  • The Theory of Effectuation

  • Deep Diving Into The Entrepreneurial Process

  • Entrepreneurial Opportunity Recognition, Evaluation and Action

  • Business Models and Business Model Innovation

  • Protecting Intellectual Property

  • Entrepreneurial Marketing (6 Hours)

  • Marketing Challenges Faced By Entrepreneurs

  • Marketing Strategy for Entrepreneurs

  • Digital And Social Media Marketing

Supply Chain Management


  • Core Supply Chain processes

  • Supply Chain complexity- Bull Whip Effect, Handling Uncertainty

  • Introduction to Supply Chain Simulation

  • Supply Chain Structure Design: Push, Pull, Postponement

  • Supply Chain Governance: Contracts and Relationships

  • Risk and Resilience in Supply Chains

  • Introduction to Triple Bottom Review and SDGs, Sustainable Supply Chains and Value Chain Mapping, 3P Metrics, Circular Supply Chain

  • Freight Transportation- Selection and its Impact on Inventor

  • Development of Supply Strategies

  • Purchasing Performance Evaluation

  • Customs, Duties, Tariffs, INCO terms, Rules of origin, Letter of credit etc.

  • Sourcing Quality, Acceptance Sampling, Process Capability

  • Supply Chain Finance

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1st International Summit Sustainable Development Goals 1-17   Sakarya University of Applied Sciences Turkey : 01-17 June 2021

2nd International Summit Sustainable Development Goal 08   University of Molise Italy : Nov 2021

3rd International Summit Sustainable Development Goal 05      : 08-10 March 2022

5th International Summit Sustainable Development Goals Goal -09 Akdeniz University Antalya Turkey 12-13 Nov 2022

4th International Summit Sustainable Development Goal 15 KC Group of Institutions Nawanshahr India : 05-30 June 2022

7th International Summit Sustainable Development Goals 1-17 KC Group of Institutions 10-16 Nov 2023

6th International Summit Sustainable Development Goals 1-17 : 10-16 April 2023

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